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Bob Ross Traveling Quilt Collection

The Quilt Show has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

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Appleseed Quilt Guild is honored to be the first organization in Indiana chosen to receive and display one of the Cherrywood Fabric Company’s quilt challenge collections, the Bob Ross Collection.

The Cherrywood quilt challenges revolve around the theme of famous people or musicals. The 2014 challenge was the first and had the theme of the play, Wicked.   Challenges since then have been: The Lion King (2016); Van Gogh (2017); Prince (2018); and Bob Ross (2019).  A new challenge has begun which is focused on the late Princess Diana, which will be judged beginning summer, 2020.

The Bob Ross Collection has been one of the most popular of the various challenges.  Robert “Bob” Ross was an artist, art teacher and public television show host.  His Joy of Painting show was live on PBS from 1982 until 1994 when he was diagnosed with lymphoma.  He died in 1995 at age 52.  Today, the Joy of Painting is shown somewhere every day on either PBS, Netflix or YouTube.  In recent years, his popularity has soared among all ages.  Bob was known for his positive attitude, appreciation of the natural world, and inspirational and quirky sayings.  It is believed by many that his quiet, calm attitude is a welcome refuge against todays frantic, plugged-in world.

The Cherrywood Fabric Company is a women-owned company in Minnesota that makes hand dyed fabrics that feel much like suede.  For the Bob Ross Challenge, participants were limited to seven colors of Cherrywood fabric because these were the colors most used by Bob.





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